Sustainable Socks Made Fast

Digitally printed sustainable socks with no minimums and 5 day turnaround

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The Tribe Custom Socks Difference

Custom socks have never been so easy
Free Artist Designs

Our team of artists will bring your vision to life. Simply send us your logo and any other info, we will handle the rest.

No Minimums

From 1 to 1 million, we can make custom socks for tribes of all sizes. We'll also handle fulfillment if needed.

5 Day Turnaround

Need custom socks in 5 days? No problem! Our lead times is 5 days in the USA, and 4 weeks overseas.

Sustainable Socks

Made from recycled plastic bottles, Tribe Socks are designed for comfort for your feet and the planet.

Artist Design With No Restrictions

We are pioneering a custom sock printing technology that enables us to digitally print vibrant artwork directly onto premium yarns, without using cheap alternatives like dye sublimation.

Traditional custom sock manufacturing does not allow for complex design or patterns due to machine limitations, which drastically limits creative possibilities. Tribe custom socks are printed with millions of colors and photo quality artwork that show vividly no matter how much the socks are stretched or worn, enabling us to create designs that were never possible before.

Custom Socks Made Without Compromise

Tribe Socks are engineered by comfort fanatics on a mission to create the perfect pair of custom socks.

Using the latest machinery and advancements in textiles, we spent years finding the perfect blend. Frustrated with the status quo, we created our own signature yarns. Tribe Socks are made on 200-needle Lonato machines that knit durable, dense yet incredibly soft socks that are guaranteed to feel and fit great. The toe is hand-linked and completely seamless. Our socks are truly one size fits all, from a size 4 female to a size 13 male, designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle.

Designed for Your Brand

Retail fully customizable sock packaging and hang tags designed for your brand. All of our packaging is digitally printed with no color limitations, so you won't need to deal with using a small number of colors or any restrictions.

Creating a retail-quality custom apparel brand drives every decision we make. Tribe packaging is premium quality and helps bring your brand to life.

Trusted By Thousands Globally

Feet of all shapes and sizes trust Tribe to deliver the best custom socks as unique as their brand

Redfoo x Tribe Socks Case Study

We partnered up with Redfoo from the band LMFAO to make his own line of custom socks for his music video "Sock it To Ya."

Introducing Print on Demand Socks

Designed for e-commerce and online webstores looking to sell retail quality socks without holding any inventory risk, Tribe print on demand socks can turn around thousands of unique designs every day, on demand. We can easily integrate into most carts in just few minutes. 

Tribe Socks in the Wild

Spira Event Socks

SPIRA is a film production company based in Quebec and use their custom socks at film festivals and other company events to spread their message in a creative way.