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Why Custom Socks Make the Perfect Gift

custom socks make the perfect gift

Few things feel as good as giving the perfect gift (save for getting the perfect gift, of course), but it’s a task easier said than done. Whether you’re trying to please the pickiest person you know, think of something novel to give out at your company’s next trade show, or excite your employees, the perfect gift or giveaway item is often elusive. How do you give something that’s meaningful, yet not impossible to find; something that’ll last a while, yet won’t cost you dearly?

The answer may be closer than you think. Chances are, you or someone you know is wearing the perfect gift right now.

Socks—especially custom-made ones—make excellent gifts for everyone to whom you want to give something special. Here are 7 reasons why you should give a pair of custom-made socks to your team, prospects, or closest homies.

1. Socks are actually useful

What did you do the last time a random company gave you a t-shirt with its logo slapped across it? If the answer is “threw it inside a drawer,” “used it to wash my car,” or “no idea,” you know what it’s like to get a less-than-desirable item as a gift.

Socks are way different. They’re something your customers, employees, and friends will actually use, from the house to the board room, because cozy, comfortable socks are always in demand.

Custom socks take things a step further by serving as a blank canvas on which you’re able to paint your best ideas—your company or organization’s logo, a cool collection of colors, or anything else that comes to mind. Whatever you choose to put on those socks, they’ll be worn everywhere, so your ideas are always on full display.

2. Custom socks are inexpensive

When most people think of personalized gifts, they think of custom-engraved items, high-value jewelry, or embossed apparel. These may be cool, but they certainly cost a pretty penny.

On the other hand, custom socks come in at an affordable price, so you can get them created for practically any occasion—as something to wear at a fun bachelor party, for a team-building exercise, or to give away at your next company conference. Plus, with Tribe Socks, there are no minimums, so there’s no need to order hundreds of socks at once.

3. They’re easily personalizable

People love custom-made gifts because they show you care. Anyone can buy things off the shelf, but the decision-making and careful consideration that go into a unique gift can mean a lot—after all, there’s a reason Apple lets you put a custom engraving on the back of its iPads and iPhones.

Socks are incredibly easy to customize, especially when you get them made through a company like Tribe Socks. You simply have to send us whatever image(s) you want on the socks, as well as any other instructions (like preferred colors), and our expert design team will handle the rest, creating a design for the entire sock and getting your approval before starting production.
custom socks for party

4. Great for building camaraderie

Looking to build a sense of spirit at your next company offsite or add some unexpected delight to your kid’s graduation party? Get everyone to wear a custom pair of socks with a fun design on them and watch everyone, young and old, revel in the fun. Unlike custom t-shirts, which are played out, custom socks are a novel and unique way to build a sense of unity—all while adding a little whimsy to everyone’s day.

5. No need to worry about getting the right size

It’s easy to buy a t-shirt, sweater, or pair of pants for one person. But as you add more and more people, it gets impossible to guess everyone’s size. In the corporate world, companies end up buying more apparel than necessary for giveaways and risk upsetting prospects by sending them the wrong size of clothing.

There’s no need to worry about nailing the right sizes and quantities with custom socks. Tribe Socks come in a single size that fits anyone between a female size 4 and a male size 13. So no matter who you’re gifting a pair of custom socks to, it’ll fit them just fine.

6. Durable and long-lasting

What’s worse than a crummy gift? A crummy gift that doesn’t last the test of time. Whether it’s a cheap pen that breaks or runs out of ink within months, a t-shirt that fades after a few washes, or an electronic item that mysteriously stops working one fine day, no one likes getting an item that won’t last or is incredibly delicate.

Fortunately, socks are just the opposite of fragile and short-lived. They’re just begging to be tossed around, but they certainly won’t stop working one day. At Tribe Socks, we were tired of cheap-feeling, quick-to-fade socks and decided to create our own signature yarns. Instead of dye sublimation, we use direct-to-garment printing, so your designs are printed directly onto the yarns. The result is a sock that won’t stretch or fade for years and years, while feeling great to boot.

7. Last minute? No problem
last minute custom socks

Thanks to the magic of the internet, creating custom versions of practically anything is simple. But many kinds of custom goods can require extremely long lead times. This isn’t the case with custom socks from Tribe Socks. Our advanced sock creation capabilities mean we can promise a 5-10 day lead time in the US, so in just about a week, you can go from sending us your ideas to getting sent high quality, custom socks perfect for your needs.

Not only does everyone love a great pair of socks, but custom socks are also an incredibly versatile gift to give. Celebrating a new product launch at your next conference? Create custom socks! Throwing an epic birthday party? Create custom socks! Making a music video? We think you get the idea.

There’s no shortage of companies that offer custom socks, but no one else offers the quality and flexibility of Tribe Socks. See for yourself why partnering with Tribe Socks will knock your socks off.