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10 Reasons Custom Socks Are the Best Swag Item

Every company has a swag item that’s designed with their logo. Not all promotional products are created equally though. Nobody wants a boring stress ball or pen. You need to put your best foot forward with custom socks - they're the best swag item.

1. Custom Socks Are Colorful

Socks tie an outfit together. If your wardrobe only includes basic black and white socks, you’re missing an entire world of colorful possibilities. Like a tie, socks add that splash of pizazz to showcase your true personality.

2. Socks Are Useful

They’re more than just fashion accessories – socks serve a functional purpose. That’s why they’ve been around for centuries. Your feet are filled with sweat glands, and if you’re not wearing socks, there’s a good chance they smell bad. In fact, socks don’t just contain the smell – they prevent blisters, athlete’s foot, and more.

3. Socks Are Cheap

While everyone appreciates a nice pair of socks, they’re relatively inexpensive to manufacture. This makes them a great giveaway item, since your overhead costs won’t be through the roof. Potential business partners will see that you’re a sensible spender, and that pair of socks may just land you your next big contract.

4. People Need Socks

Everybody needs more socks. The average person takes between 5,000 and 7,500 steps per day. This puts massive wear and tear on whatever you wear on your feet. Don't even get us started on lost socks.

5. Socks Leave Impressions

A well-branded sock provides brief moments of wow. Every time you take a step or cross your legs, you can watch your coworkers look down at your ankles and admire them. Really you're drawing their eyes to the floor so they can bow to your greatness.

6. Socks Are Memorable

While everyone else is giving out the usual branded pens and other tchotchke, you’ll give them something memorable and unique. That's how you stay on people's minds long after the event.

7. Socks Show Creativity

Your clients will be surprised to see your artistic side through a pair of funky socks. It adds a dash of flair to otherwise bland professional attire.

8. Socks Give Confidence

Wearing a cool pair of socks makes you feel more confident. You're feeling cute - may just start a business or a cult or something.

9. Socks Are Gender Fluid

Men and women can both wear socks, so there's no favoritism nor worries about exclusion. Socks are an all-inclusive club that welcome everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, or religious preference.

10. Socks Have Personality

People who love socks know they all have their own personality. They're a simple item customers fall in love with, and your brand will be attached to that intimate moment.

Create Custom Socks

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