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Print on Demand Socks

Retail quality socks, printed on demand with no minimums 

and no dye sublimation

Retail Quality Socks as a Service

Tribe Socks is pioneering a new way to print on socks, without using dye sublimation.

Using our 360 degree Direct-to-Garment printing process, we print high resolution artwork directly onto 

retail-quality premium socks creating the best darn pair of socks your feet will proudly want to wear. 


  • No white lines
  • Seamless 360 degree printing
  • 200 Needle knit Tribe blanks


  • Shopify app integration
  • RESTful API
  • Integrations into dozens of carts


  • 24-48 hours turnaround
  • 4 point quality control inspection
  • Fast and affordable shipping

Born by a Brand for Brands

"We began selling socks in 2014 and quickly saw a demand for custom socks, but there were no good options for a quality made product.  

Socks were either knit, which feel nice but are incredibly limiting from a design standpoint, or they were dye sublimated, which look great until you put them on. Frustrated by the status quo, we set out to reinvent how socks are made from the thread up. 

Our signature process enables us to print high-resolution photo quality artwork, directly onto premium 200 needle knit half terry socks. The design depth and retail quality are unparalleled, and we are proud to open up our production with quality oriented brands, on-demand."

- Eric and Andres

Quality Socks, Printed on Demand